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All About JAM

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So what would you like to know about me?  My name is Jason.  I'm from the Dayton area in Ohio.  I'm a Cumberland College graduate, having majored in religion and computers.  I have yet to decide on a career option, though I suspect that whatever I do next might possibly be temporary, but one never knows.

Cumberland Falls, Corbin Kentucky

I have a great many interests, ranging from photography to computers, from science to art.  For now, I spend most of my time either at a computer, behind a camera, or on my bike.  I work on the Cumberland College Baptist Student Union web site while I'm at the college.   My love though is to be in the outdoors.  Whether it be cycling, photographing, hiking, climbing, swimming, white water rafting, or just sitting, I love to be outdoors, especially away from populated areas, where noise pollution blocks the sounds and at night, light pollution blocks the sky.
    Still reading?  You must be dedicated!  Either that or obsessed, but we'll just assume that it's dedicated.  The other pages reveal who I am better than my words do, so look around.  If this is your last stop in JAMWorld, check the links page to follow my favorite ways out.  Thanks for stopping in!  Click the JAM image below to email me; please take a minute and let me know what you think of JAMWorld Online, JAMWorld Photography, or JAMWorld Recreational.

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