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Below is a list of Christian radio stations and radio networks that "webcast".  Click on the link to learn about the station or click on the Real Audio symbol to begin listening to the webcast.   If you do not have Real Audio, click on the Real Audio link to download it for free.:

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A lighter contemporary christian station broadcasting on radio over stations all over the US including here in Kentucky.

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Oklahoma City station playing mostly top 40 during the day, alternative at night, and rap on Saturday mornings.  An excellent station.

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WUFM 88.7FM RadioU
Broadcasting from Columbus, Ohio, RadioU plays everything upbeat, including ska, rock, alternative, and rap (bands such as Insyderz, Supertones, DC Talk, and Jars of Clay.

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Crosswalk Music Channel
A site with many options including continuous music feeds uninterrupted by the commercials of radio.  Visit the site to learn about what resources they offer.  Visit the genre pages for more specific information (Pop, Modern, Worship, Dance, Urban Gospel), such as links to the musicians' pages.  Many of the musicians pages have audio clips from their newest albums.  Click the genre to open the page, which has the audio link.

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College Christian radio broadcasting from Mississippi College, Clinton, Mississippi.  They broadcast mostly CCM in the day and more upbeat styles at night.

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Inspirational Christian radio out of Miamisburg, OH.  Gospel and light contemporary music is their musical focus.  They offer various programs throughout the day.

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Positive Life Radio 91.3FM- Inspirational station with a better quality/sounding feed.

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A site with extensive options, including a wide variety of music to choose from.  This link is to the Christian page, but other music preferences are also accessible.  The Christian music offered includes urban gospel, praise & worship, adult contemporary, and Christian rock.  The feed is continuous music, uninterrupted by commercials.  A window opens rather than RealAudio Player and displays information about the current song.  Visit the site to access the feeds.

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Several stations use to webcast their feed.  Their links are here as well as other resources.


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If you know of any other good christian sites that broadcast or if any of the above links are incorrect, please let me know!

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