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JAMWorld Communications is the name under which I do everything business-related, particularly on the Internet.  My work includes a variety of areas, including programming, troubleshooting on both hardware and software, internet-related, and photography (which I often use in conjunction with my "web work").  My strongest areas with the web are design, creation/maintainance, and graphics.  I'm currently expanding my knowledge in Internet programming languages with Perl, Javascript, and CGI.

Although troubleshooting is something I only do locally, the other services I provide to people in many areas.  Photography is a love of mine, and sharing my work or my abilities naturally follows.  Web services are the easiest to offer anyone in any location, for business of this type may be conducted via email, phone, fax, or whatever other means available.  I offer these services to anyone, but do not have specific fees.  Any fees are decided giving consideration to availability, materials needed, and difficulty.  However, the main purpose is to provide for the needs of others, not to provide for the needs of my wallet!

If you are interested in my services, contact me via one of the following options:


Instant Messaging:
AOL Instant Messenger - JAMWorld1

JAMWorld Communications
10596 Aldora Drive
Miamisburg, OH 45342

Phone & Fax:
Sorry, such information may only be given to those hiring.

The name JAMWorld Communications comes from two concepts.  The first gave me the name JAMWorld.  Over a period of a couple months, the term, taken half humorously, came to refer to anything of my own, including equipment, services, and even ideas.  The use of Communications in the name refers to the concept that all of my work is in some way a communication between individuals.  Much of my work, particularly my photography, is a communication of my perceptions of something to others.   As a service, it aids people in communicating something of their own to others.   Even working on hardware ultimately leads to this end.  JAMWorld Communications soon became the reference to my work, or business if you will.


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