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All About JAMWorld

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JAMWorld is the sum of everything I enjoy, own, or am.  It encompasses all my interests that I mentioned in the About Me page.   Therefore, JAMWorld is essentially me.

    If you've visited the Cumberland College BSU web site that I maintain also, you may notice that a few things are similar, such as the Music page.  My Music page is an edited version of the BSU Webcasts page, which I also maintain.  I love to listen to music, particularly christian contemporary.   Here at Cumberland, music isn't found in abundance on the radio, so I turn to the internet for my music often times.  If you're interested in hearing some, go to the Music page and check it out.   Working on the BSU web site is what has heightened my interest in creating websites, such as my own.

    My Links page is the places on the net that I like, web pages for places I that like, or places/resources that I've found useful.  The Family and Friends pages are fairly self-explanitory, as is the Photography section, however they all are primarily photos pages.  The Photography section is currently the largest part of my web site.  Click on any of the jamini.gif (1416 bytes) images found on various pages to send me email.  Click on the JAMWorld symbol at the bottom of each page to return to the home page and menu.

    The Recreational section is outdoors section in the web site.  I have a deep love for being in the outdoors, so I've created this section as a resource to others.  Although it is not yet complete by far, this sections will have some information for outdoor adventure in areas of Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, and West Virginia.  Information on local places for white water rafting, hiking, mountian biking, camping, site seeing, and whatever else I can think of.  I'll be glad to post information that anyone can give me, as long as it is accurate.

    The JAMWorld Online site is viewable in all resolutions, though beyond 1024x748 is not recommended.  All photos are best view with anything better than 256 color.  I use MS FrontPage for designing with a GUI as well as for HTML editing, but will soon be switching to a less propriatary program (when I get the money!).  Hopefully, I'll be using Fusion4.0 from NetObjects soon.  Photographs were taken with a Canon EOS-650 and scanned in.  All graphics other than those used to represent other sites are my own.

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