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Comic Strips

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Below are a few of the comic strips that I love to read.  When away from civilization, good newspapers are not always easy to find, so I go here to find my daily humor.


Newspaper comics that are updated daily with the current release.

  Calvin and Hobbes - At last, the greatest is brought back!

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BC - Good humor with an occasional Christian message.

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FoxTrot - When Calvin & Hobbes and The Far Side were retired, FoxTrot became my favorite.  This is the official site.  I had problems with the link to the site that has the current release.
snoopy2.gif (4498 bytes) Peanuts - Good humor that's been around a while.
ziggy.gif (5057 bytes) Ziggy - One frame humor.
wizofid.gif (946 bytes) The Wizard of Id - I just enjoy it.
dilbert.gif (3069 bytes) Dilbert - For anyone who has ever worked in an office or with a computer.  Also, check Dilbert Zone, which doesn't give the current release, but is the official site.
better-worse.gif (3149 bytes) For Better or For Worse - Usually more serious, but I enjoy it.
  Garfield - Everyone knows this car.
I'm still looking for sites that have Mother Goose and Grim, Family Circus, Bloom County, and a few others.  If you know of any, let me know.


Sites With The Comics from Above and Others

Comics from Creators Syndicate
Kentucky Connect

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