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These are various sites that I like or have found useful.   Check them out.  If you have any sites that you think I should add, just email me.   I still have some sites I'll be adding, which I will finally do soon.


Television/Movies Music Other
Star Trek, Star Trek SV Music on the Net Funnies (Comic Strips)
Star Wars CC BSU's Music Page Virtual Campsite
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  Tracking Orbitals
J-Track 3-D

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Outdoor Photographer - Magazine for those who like to do their work outdoors.
allie.jpg (3768 bytes) Allie's Photography - Beautiful work.  Now I now the secret of finding the animals if you can't travel... just work in a zoo.
naturephoto.gif (4910 bytes) Habitat Nature Photography - Great pictures.   If you like them enough, they sell.
FotoNature.gif (3297 bytes) FotoNature - Good pictures.  She also uses the site to sell the pictures (though for a higher price).

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Friend's Site

Wayne's World - College friend working on some great youth ministry links

Tricia - A good friend that I've known for a long time.

Kane - My sister-in-law's entrepreneurial brother.

Shea - Hey, she impressed me

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Places to Be

Cumberland College - College I graduated from.  Great opportunities for architectural photography.

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park - A beautiful place that I try to visit often.

West Virginia - A beautiful state that I visit as often as possible.  This site offers great info about visiting.  Here's the link to the state itself.: WV.

Wright State University - An Ohio university that I will be attending within the year.

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JAMWorld Web Work
I also create, maintain and/or help people & organizations develop sites.  If you're interested in my services, click here for contact information.

bsulogo4.gif (1766 bytes)    CC Baptist Student Union - This site was my first web development project.  While I am no longer webmaster for the site, my work is still posted.

MinistriesNet - A unified effort with Wayne's World to build a listing of churches in the US that have web sites or email addresses.  This site is still expanding and has a long way to go.

JAM1.gif (1850 bytes)     My Personal Page at Cumberland College - Nothing much, just a little page I created last semester.


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