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Personal web site for the man behind of JAMWorld Communications

    JAMWorld Online is partly a resource for both me and others in that it allows me to provide a visual reference of my "web-work", my photography for anyone interested, and information for enjoying the great outdoors.  I create, maintain and help people and organizations with web sites.  For more information, follow the About JAMWorld link below or to the side.  It is also simply my little niche on the internet.
In West Virginia

Meet Me - A little about me.

What's JAMWorld - About this website and a little more about me.

JAMWorld Communications - Services offered and background on my work.

Webcasting - Music sites and RealAudio broadcast links.

Funnies - Comic strips on the web.

Links - A growing collection of links I enjoy.

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The JAMWorld online photo gallery

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An outdoor lover's internet resource

JAMWorld Online was posted January 26th, 1999 and was last updated on June 6th, 1999.
A JAMWorld Communications website.

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